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Haryalli Bano


Artist: Community House

The creation of community SuperDragon, Haryalli Bano brought together people from different cultures – Wales, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa and China. People from all walks of life with amazing stories to tell.

“We have made new friends and found hidden artistic talents – all through working together on this incredible 3d canvas whose design began life as a symbol of friendship, using outlines of each others’ hands filled with patterns which mean something to the people who drew them.”

“One of the dragon’s wings depicts a modern symbol of friendship, from South Africa. The cross shaped ‘chair’ with the round faces on each arm and dotted lines in the centre symbolize the many friends we meet along the road – our life’s journey- the people who cross our paths, who fill our lives with joy or sadness when we lose them.”

“The experience was a fantastic opportunity for me not only to meet some very talented people and discover their stories but to be able to encourage many hidden talents. Thank you Superdragons for giving us this chance to work together, we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

Marion Webber, Community Art Project Co-ordinator for Community House




Artist: Julie Page

Cenhinen - Artist: Julie Page


“I painted Cenhinen in the Dragons Den, and enjoyed swapping tips with the other artists, as well as moaning about sore knees from painting the under parts! We also built up a rapport with several members of the public who would visit every few days to see our progress, it was lovely that in this way, they felt part of the creation.”

“The public’s response was overwhelmingly positive, this was public art they could easily relate to and feel excited by, as the dragon designs are an eclectic mix of artistic, decorative, humorous, informative and historical. I am thrilled to have been part of such an exciting project.”

Julie Page –  Artist, Newport SuperDragons





Artist: Deborah Wheeler

Flowerpot Dragon - Artist: Deborah Wheeler



“As soon as I heard that my design was accepted I was filled with nervous excitement and I smiled for days.”

Deborah Wheeler – Artist, Newport SuperDragons




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