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Wild in Art works closely with partner organisations to ensure that the event fulfills specific objectives while keeping its artistic integrity.

These can be as wide ranging as being part of an anniversary celebration or raising awareness of the work of your organisation, to being the main attraction in bringing footfall into a town or city as part of a cultural or tourism strategy.

By taking a flexible and strategic approach, we realise the enormous potential and enjoyment of creativity and its contribution to people’s lives both as participants and visitors.

Here are a few statistics and what people have said about our events which overwhelmingly testify to the benefits that our events can bring to a host partner.

Go Superlambananas (Liverpool, 2008)

Go Superlambananas was voted the most popular event of Liverpool’s year of European Capital of Culture 2008 by the readers of the Liverpool Echo. And, still, in 2011 it is the most recalled event of the 08 programme of events.

Total visitor spend in Liverpool was in excess of £41 million (total for 08 was estimated at £800 million).*

Event spend was estimated to have supported 1,243 jobs.*

The auction raised over £500,000 for the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Charity Appeal.

“Go Superlambananas is a fantastic example of public art which we can all enjoy. It has involved everyone from big business to small community groups – and that’s quite an achievement.”

Professor Phil Redmond CBE speaking in his capacity as Deputy Chair of Liverpool Culture Company

*Go Superlambananas Economic Impact Report.


Go Penguins (Liverpool, 2010)

Go Penguins won the Best Tourism Event Award at the Merseyside Partnership Awards 2010.

Attracted  £4.5 million of media coverage,  0.5 million visitors and achieved an economic impact of £5m.

Engaged 102 schools in a schools programme for Year of Environment sponsored by Home Bargains.

“We are delighted to support Go Penguins.  Everyone benefits  – business, the general public, charities and the commission artists who gain in many ways.  It’s an ideal public art model.”

Ian Jackson,

Rhino Mania (Chester, 2010)

Rhino Mania was awarded a commendation from the Civic Trust New Year’s Honours 2011 in recognition of how the event showcased the city’s heritage and encouraged new visitors and families to explore parts of the city through the Trail.

Achieved an estimated £16m of additional spend.*

40% of people surveyed visited Chester specifically to see the rhinos and more than 90% would return for a similar quality event.

Engaged 118 schools in a Chester and Cheshire West Schools Programme, sponsored by Bank of America.

“From start to finish Rhino Mania has been a shot in the arm for our city. It has uplifted Chester residents, especially young families and children and drawn in new visitors. It has been extremely successful and shows what we can achieve in Chester when we put our minds to it. I would like to congratulate everyone who has been involved and we at are especially delighted and proud to have acted as media sponsor to this fantastic project.”

Michael Green Executive Editor The Chester Chronicle

If you would like to talk to us about hosting an event, please contact us.

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