Go Rhinos

Go Rhinos

A glorious herd of rhinos charged through Southampton to mark the launch of Go! Rhinos.
Marwell Wildlife has been working with local artists, schools, businesses and charities to bring world-class art onto the streets and public spaces.
This giant exhibit, comprising of 36 large and 61 school rhino sculptures, celebrates Marwell Wildlife’s 40th anniversary.
Congratulations to Andrea, Kirstie and the team at Marwell Wildlife.

In October, the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise money for Marwell Wildlife, The Rose Road Association and Wessex Heartbeat’s High 5 Appeal.
To find out more about Go! Rhinos visit http://gorhinos.co.uk/

Look out for the new Go! Rhinos iPhone App, available soon from Apple’s App Store. It will lead you round the trail of large and school rhinos and unlock some great special offers along the way.

To download a trailmap and for details of the Official Go! Rhinos guidebook stockists please visit gorhinos.co.uk

Artist in Focus

Tom Yendell, a mouth and foot artist, used his painting skills to create Rosie. Inspired by his previous renowned flower patterns, Tom produced Rosie with the support of wife, Lucy.
“We painted it with acrylic paints, which I don’t usually use, and the thickness of the paint was a real challenge for me.”
Each flower was painted three times to bring out the brightness and boldness of each form.
Kirstie Mathieson, Go! Rhinos project manager, said: “The artwork on Rosie is fantastic, she makes a beautiful addition to the trail. The work of Tom and other mouth and foot artists is truly inspiring.”
For further work visit http://www.tomyendell.co.uk/
Erica the Cyber Rhino

This digital masterpiece designed and built by staff and students in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton marks a first for a Wild in Art event.
Using small low power computers, Erica can respond to nearby people and even has her own WiFi network so the public can interact with her via smart phones. Erica has been customised with digital features including LED lights to help her blink and adjust to focus on her fans, read QR codes and move her ears. Erica tweets, reads tweets and her various RPi computers, created especially for schools and hobbyists, will interact inside just like web servers in the World Wide Web.
Dr Kirk Martinez who is leading the team says: “We are really enjoying bringing together lots of cool technology to make our rhino interactive. The team of volunteers building it are specialists in areas like web technology or electronics and are really excited about the project.”
For further information about Erica check out ericatherhino.org

Go Rhinos! Schools Programme
Oasis Mayfield Academy
Over 160 designs were submitted by students to design their rhino. The winning design shows the diversity of animals which share the rhino’s environment. In the centre of the design is the Oasis Circle of Inclusion symbolising the Academy and the importance it places on community, inclusion and diversity.

The students have named their rhino ‘African Oasis’ and underneath the main design, everyone in the Academy has signed the rhino before it was painted to ensure that they put their stamp on it.

Coming Soon…

To commemorate Go! Rhinos, we have created a new range of rhino-inspired collectibles. Choose from Black and White Rhinos, Paint Your Own Rhino kits and Rhino Mugs. Find out more at http://shop.wildinart.co.uk/collections/rhinos

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