How to get involved with our 2023 learning programmes

As part of all our trails, we involve local schools and community groups to create their own trail of miniatures alongside the main trail.

These are collectible as part of the trail and are presented inside local buildings in the trail’s towns.

To date, more than 1.1 million young people have taken part in our creative learning programmes. We aim for them to be empowering and to nurture confidence, creativity and skill.

Art across all disciplines has proven its positive impact on society, education, the economy and people.

So what are the benefits of being involved?

Our learning programmes:

  • celebrate young creativity
  • showcase art alongside experts
  • show commitment to arts and education in schools
  • deliver against ofsted framework
  • develop links with local community
  • encourage fundraising for local charity
  • offer experimentation opportunities – exploring diversity, equality, acceptance
  • set design briefs to promote soft skills – timekeeping, politeness, conversation, empathy
  • encourage families to explore and engage
  • offer positive news stories for local press

Find out what’s in your area for 2023

Leeds Leeds Bear Hunt

North East Scotland The Big Hop Trail

Newcastle Shaun the Sheep On The Tyne

Lichfield, Tamworth & Sutton Coldfield March Of The Elephants

Swindon The Big Dog Art Trail

London Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London

Jersey Tortoise Takeover

Southend-on-Sea Herd In The City