About Wild in Art

We are a commercial organisation that employs a core team in the North and South of England, and a pool of specialist freelancers across the UK and overseas.

Our expertise, insights and network from more than ten years creating popular art events across the globe, enables partners to achieve their goals: whether it’s reaching new audiences, raising charitable funds, increasing engagement, or anything in between.








Wild in Art has proven experience in bringing all parts of a community together and giving them a voice through art. We design programmes that resonate with children and young people, the outcomes providing a unique insight into the aspirations, hopes, and dreams of future generations. Our learning programmes have engaged more than half a million young people so far.

Through our high-profile events Wild in Art provides a platform for amateur and professional artists to showcase their work. To date our events have contributed more than £3.5 million to creative communities.

“What characterises this new public art is engagement and participation. The walls between the elite who produce art and those who observe it are disappearing, and art has broken out. This kind of art is not something you choose to go and visit, it goes to make itself an audience.”

Demos Institute, Britain’s leading cross-party think-tank