Artists: How to get involved with our 2023 trails

As part of our art trail events, we work with artists across the country to create unique pieces of sculptural art and showcase their talent for everyone to see.

To date, Wild in Art have created over 110 art trails in the UK and around the world, featuring over 4,800 sculptures.

This has given direct exposure to over 4,600 artists has injected over £3.8 million into creative communities through artist commissions.

We encourage emerging and established artists, both local and regional to the trails, in any medium – traditional to new media, fine art, graffiti, illustrations and mosaic.

With experience, creativity and commitment on our side, it’s our aim to balance artistic integrity with the needs of our partners.

Design submissions to our trails are shortlisted before they are presented to sponsors to choose their artwork.

If successfully chosen, artists will be commissioned and upon completion each will receive a commission fee as well as the opportunity to showcase their work as part of the event. We recommend a fee of at least £1000 but amounts will differ between trails.

To be considered for special projects and commissions, please tell us about yourself and your work. We’ll hold onto this information and use it to help match artists to briefs

Our art programmes

• Push the boundaries of creative expression
• Provide commission opportunities to artists at all career stages
• Connect art with new audiences
• Put art on the streets and break down barriers in terms of audience accessibility
• Reinvest in our creative communities and economy
• Value, celebrate and supports artists to grow and develop in their practice and recompense them accordingly
• Use art to create joy and evoke shared emotional responses
• Grow aspirations and inspire a new generation of artists
• Produce beautiful, thought provoking, interesting artwork to sponsor, to visit and to own

Take a look at our 2023 events and their art programmes.

Leeds Leeds Bear Hunt

North East Scotland The Big Hop Trail

Newcastle Shaun the Sheep On The Tyne

Lichfield, Tamworth & Sutton Coldfield March Of The Elephants

Swindon The Big Dog Art Trail

London Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London

Jersey Tortoise Takeover

Southend-on-Sea Herd In The City