little bees on display

Little Bees, big impact!

Up to 30,000 children and young people unleashed their imaginations for Bee in the City.

Pupils from schools, colleges, and youth groups across Manchester and beyond decorated 131 little Bees as part of an inspiring Learning Programme.

Providing us with a unique insight into our young people’s aspirations, hopes, and dreams, the little Bees are a celebration of the next generation’s creativity.

Bee M A D (Mad About Denton) by Russell Scott Primary School

Russell Scott Primary School captured their Bee in the City story in a buzzing film. It’s a must-watch for any schools looking for inspiration.

Watch it HERE.

Denton was at the centre of the world’s hatting industry. Now, only relics of a bygone age remain. The spirit, strength of community and prosperity built on the shoulders of hard working people has faded. Russell Scott Primary School’s Bee celebrates their identity, sense of place and heritage, rediscovered and sculpted by their young children.