go wild gorillas

Go Wild Gorillas for 2019 revealed

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust unveils Go Wild Gorillas, an exciting world-class sculpture trail around Jersey to celebrate their 60th Anniversary in 2019.

Similar events have animated cities across the world, raising millions of pounds for charitable causes. Guests at the event were introduced to Go Wild Gorillas by Durrell’s CEO Dr Lesley Dickie, and Charlie Langhorne, Co-founder and Director of Wild in Art. They will provided insights into this inspiring event and what it hopes to achieve for residents, visitors, schools and businesses of Jersey as well as the gorillas at Jersey Zoo.

Explaining Go Wild Gorillas, Durrell’s CEO, Dr Lesley Dickie said:

“Next summer, brightly coloured, artist imagined, life size gorilla sculptures will be placed across the island which will lead people on a trail of discovery not only to see the gorillas themselves, but the nature in which they are placed.”

Charlie Langhorne, Co-founder and Director of Wild in Art, added:

“By connecting people through creativity and nature, Go Wild Gorillas will bring businesses, artists, young people and communities together to help make it an art trail to remember.”

During the evening, the first painted gorilla, created by artist, Ben Robertson, aka Bokra, will be revealed. Ben’s signature bold patterns, bright colours and pop art style embody the fun and provocative nature of this event.

Commenting on his involvement in the project, Ben Robertson said:

“I was thrilled to partner with Durrell to create the first Go Wild Gorilla. It’s such an amazing opportunity for artists to get involved with this project and it will have a really positive impact on Jersey’s cultural scene. Most importantly though it will highlight the plight of gorillas and spread awareness of Durrell’s important work saving wildlife.”

Local and international artists alike will be invited to submit designs which will be presented to sponsors to select their own unique piece of artwork. The successful artists are then commissioned to customise each sculpture.

This large scale community project will help raise funds for Durrell, in particular it will mark the launch of their fundraising efforts to build a state of the art new gorilla house at Jersey Zoo. Go Wild Gorillas will also play an important role in Durrell’s new strategy by encouraging more people to get outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Durrell is inviting business, organisations, schools and community groups to join them and find out how they can be part of this unique sculpture trail and creative learning programme that informs, enriches, entertains and will be enjoyed by islanders and visitors to Jersey.

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