Norman Cook with Pumpkin Patch nursery

Norman Cook on life, love and the Martlets

Superstar DJ Norman Cook, a.k.a. Fatboy Slim has been a much-valued supporter of Martlets for many years and enthusiastically fronted Snowdogs by the Sea  in 2016.

He recently launched Snailspace Brighton & Hove, which will see fifty giant Snail sculptures take their place around the city in autumn 2018.

Speaking in The Times recently, the Brighton-based musician and business-owner revealed why he’s backing the public art trail.

“Somehow the ladies at the Martlets address the elephant in the room, which is death,” he says. “Not only that, they dance with it. Let’s face it, few of us dare look the truth in the face. Certainly not a DJ whose job is hedonism and prolonging adolescence.”

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Cover photo: Simon Dack / Vervate