kathleen smith painting

Q&A with Kathleen Smith

Artist Katheen Smith on her career and this year’s wild challenge of painting a Giraffe sculpture.

An artist has described how she painted a Giraffe sculpture in her hallway for the upcoming Worcester Stands Tall trail.

Kathleen Smith, who lives in Lincolnshire, has painted several sculptures for Wild in Art trails, but perhaps none as high as the 8ft tall Giraffe!

Sponsored by travel agency arrangeMY escape, the artist’s design has an international-theme, alongside a nod to the county’s history.

How do you feel to be a part of this project?

It is scary to put my work out on such public view, but exciting in that the whole feel of the work changes once it is out on the street surrounded by people and buildings. This project will also be beneficial in so many ways by bringing art to the streets, encouraging exercise and eventually bringing in funds for St Richard’s Hospice.

Have you painted a sculpture for a Wild in Art trail before?

Yes, I have painted sculptures for Wild in Art before. I have painted Snowdogs by the Sea in Brighton, The Big Sleuth bears in Birmingham, A Knight for the Knight’s Trail in Lincoln. This year I have painted a Hare for GoGoHares in Norwich, Robins for Hoodwinked in Nottingham, a Bee for Bee in the City in Manchester and am going to paint a Snowdog for Ashford Snowdogs.

Tell us a little bit about your background as an artist

As an artist I work in a number of ways. I have painted on a number of sculpture trails for Wild in Art, though my degree was in jewelry and object design and my MA was in design. I also make objects and installations mainly from metal or using laser cutting and 3D printing. I try to find a purpose behind my work, so that in a small way the work can either entertain, inform or educate.

How would you describe your work?

It may be due to my background in designing and creating jewelry, but my work is quite intricate and detailed. Even if the piece of work is massive, it always has small parts to it. This is true of my work on the giraffe and as is the case in most of my work, smaller parts make up a larger design.

What has it been like decorating an 8ft tall Giraffe?

Challenging. I paint the sculptures in my house, so the only place it would fit in was next to the front door with its head going up the stairs. To be fair, this did allow me to paint the neck and head easily as the giraffe could be tipped to rest on the stairs. Though it was a bit tricky getting up and down the stairs, getting parcels through the front door and getting in and out of the house.

What are you most excited about for the trail this summer?

I really love seeing the sculptures on the street and seeing the public’s reaction to them. I have taken a photograph of the giraffe in my back garden, but can’t wait to see its location on the trail. Somehow the location really changes the feel of the sculpture and almost brings it to life.

For more information about Kathleen’s work, find her on Twitter @ideasandmaking or on Instagram @ideasmaking.