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GoGoDiscover 2020 & 2021

Following the success of GoGoHares in 2018, and GoGoDragons! and GoGoGorrillas! before them, we’re woking once again working in partnership with Break on a new two-year sculpture trail called GoGoDiscover.

GoGoDiscover will see 20 Tyrannosaurus-Rex sculptures stomping their way through the streets of Norwich in summer 2020. This Jurassic jaunt of a trail will be set out to help people explore the city and will culminate in the discovery of another dino-mite visitor; Dippy the Diplodocus’s four-month exhibition at Norwich Cathedral.

At the end of the summer, the dinosaur sculptures won’t be auctioned, but will instead return the following year for an even bigger sculpture trail. Them and some new friends take over all of Norfolk in 2021.

Location: Norwich, UK
Trail: Summer 2020 and 2021
Partner: Break
Charity: Break
Event website: coming soon