The Lincoln Barons’ Charter 2015

Lincoln holds an original copy of Magna Carta in its stunning Cathedrals and they chose to celebrate a piece of history through art with The Barons’ Charter.

2015 saw the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta -the most celebrated document in English history -and at the epicentre of modern constitutional law. This Wild in Art event gave the public an opportunity to find out more about this monumental event in the country’s legal history and ‘meet’ the individuals who were involved -namely, the Barons (wealthy landowners of medieval England) who, together with King John, were instrumental in its creation.

The event was presented by Lincoln BIG and featured 25 life-sized, decorated medieval Baron sculptures displayed as an art trail across the city from June -September.

See also, The Barons Charter, Salisbury 2015.

Location: Lincoln, UK
Trail: 13 June – 13 September 2015
Partner: Lincoln BIG