WOW! Gorillas, Bristol 2011

Just over 60 gorillas WOW-ed the crowds in Bristol, along with smaller mini-gorilla sculptures created by children from over 100 schools and nurseries.

Bristol Zoo, the fifth oldest zoo in the world, chose a Wild in Art event to mark the celebration of its 175th Anniversary and spotlight the work that it does for gorilla conservation projects.

The auction raised £427,300 which went to the Zoo’s conservation projects focused on the ‘Extinction Crisis’ facing apes and gorillas and aiming to save them in Cameroon. The Zoo is part of the EAZA Ape Campaign- bringing together leading zoos of Europe and beyond to make a significant and lasting contribution to the continued survival of apes and their habitat.

The event won three prestigious BIAZA (British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums) Awards for best education, marketing and public relations campaigns.

Location: Bristol
Trail: 6 July 2011 – 7 September 2011
Partner: Bristol Zoo
Charity: Bristol Zoo