It’s a Wild in Art World

We’re living in exceptional times and while we’ve all had to make changes to daily life, one thing that hasn’t changed is the world’s willingness to come together to create something good. 

We believe creativity connects us and so we’re inviting you to join us in creating our biggest virtual art trail yet.

We’ve selected over 30 of our sculpture templates, from elephants and bears to owls and snails which you can download, use to create your own designs and add to our global gallery.

Everyone can take part – children, families, artists and designers – so get involved and join us in this colourful celebration of joy, fun and smiles.



Download the templates, add colour, add a message, share your creations with your family and friends or place them in your window for all to see.





Upload your creations to our global gallery and help us to create our big virtual art trail. Upload will open shortly – for now please download and create!




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Share the love by liking and sharing your favourite designs. Tag @wildinart #wildinart and we’ll share as many as we can!


Explore Wild in Art World and download the templates