Work with us

Wild in Art events and programmes connect businesses, artists and communities.

From the last four years alone, our events have recorded an economic impact of £98 million. They have been proven to generate a sense of community and encourage families to spend more time together, get outside and active, and explore and discover new places.

“The Big Hoot became one of the most memorable public art and charity projects Birmingham had ever seen, bringing thousands of additional visitors to the city centre to follow the owl trail and enjoy our great shopping, dining and cultural attractions.”

Steve Hewlett, Retail BID Manager, Retail Birmingham

Explore the different ways of working with us.

In it together

Want to bring an event to your town or city? Speak to us about becoming an event partner under a license agreement. It will enable you to; tap into our expertise and insights from ten years creating popular art events across the globe; help thousands of people experience art in non-traditional settings; connect with our unrivalled network of artists; and access our collateral and the tools for creative fundraising.


Commission us

Amplify your campaign with a unique Wild in Art programme.Whether you’re planning for a milestone event, historically significant anniversary, or a major sporting competition, we can design a programme that supports your goals.




We understand that you may want to purchase a handful of sculptures to create an event for a school or business. View our portfolio of blank sculptures inspired by animals, mythical creatures, well-known characters and books.