Through our high-profile events we provide a platform for amateur and professional artists to showcase their work.

With experience, creativity and commitment on our side, it’s our aim to balance artistic integrity with the needs of our partners.

Take a look at our current events and their art programmes, which you may want to submit sculpture designs for.

To be considered for special projects and commissions, please tell us about yourself and your work. We’ll hold onto this information and use it to help match artists to briefs.

“Great to be part of something where everyone wins – the sponsor gets recognition, the artist gets paid, the public get free art and the auction raises money for a good cause.”

Anne Guest, Artist

“Wild in Art, through their consistent emphasis on promoting diversity within artistic excellence, has allowed for numerous creative visions to be made uniquely accessible. Only through projects as ambitious, open minded and quality-led as these, can such a diverse array of visual practises be celebrated and exhibited on such a large public platform.”

Sarah Jane Richards, Artist