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Wild in Art brings the creativity and enjoyment of public art to thousands of people through its high profile and popular events.

Working with host partners, artists, communities and schools together with public and private sector organisations, we produce mass participation events that animate cities and towns around the UK and beyond.

Through inspiring partnerships, our events bring immense pride to communities while offering extraordinary social and economic benefits as thousands of residents and tourists alike discover the wonderful world of creativity in a truly memorable shared experience.

Conservation and citizenship are at the heart of our education work. We offer a unique range of animal sculptures and a cross curriculum creativity pack designed to enhance learning through the creative process. From rhinos and elephants to penguins and gorillas, and everything in between, our education projects offer fun, collaborative learning that inspires children of all abilities, to unleash their creative talent!

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Kieron Williamson – the latest artist to be part of GoGoDragons!


A 12-year-old artist, nicknamed Mini-Monet, is to unveil a sculpture of a dragon he has painted for GoGoDragons. Kieron Williamson, from Norfolk, who has so far earned about £2m, painted the 5ft-tall (1.5m) dragon for the event in Norwich. It … Read More

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Are you ready for the stampede at Paignton Zoo?


Following on from the success of The Great Gorilla Project, Paignton Zoo has decided to take on another challenge and help raise funds for rhino conservations. The Great Big Rhino Project will bring a world class mass public art event … Read More

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The Big Hoot

Wild and wonderful owls swoop into Birmingham for The Big Hoot


Over 150 people turned out to get their very first glimpse of the wild and wonderful owls swooping into Birmingham this summer at a special preview evening, on Monday 16 March. Attendees were greeted by Harry Potter, Batman, R2D2 and … Read More

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